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A Scientific Approach

Dynamic Ranking

The recommandation methodology we used is called "dynamic ranking approach". Different from tranditional university ranking system. We believe the best ranking approach is a student based ranking approach. This approach is unique in three ways.

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Individual Dynamic

First, the dynamic of individuals is emphasised. We believe the personalised ranking of a university to any individual is correlated with the possiblity of his/her chance of success. It makes no sense to tell a academic challenged student that MIT is top 1 all over the world.

Specialisation Dynamic

Second, we belive there is dynamic of the specialisation. For subject specific ranking, tranditional methods are mainly using a static ranking approach across different subjects following homogeneous criteria. The mainstream approach is following the research ranking from literature database. However, we are questioning to what extent this approach is valuable for all student. We observed that this ranking approach is problematic especially for students who planning to commerce a fundation level study.

Environment Dynamic

Finally, traditional ranking system fail to recognise the impact of the macroeconomic change of the society. In our system, the importance of the policy change and macroeconomic change is emphasised for students to better achieve long-term career goal. For instance, US cancelled OPT extension policy while Australia start promoting its innovation policy. Our system will give the Australian university a higher priority than US one when all other variables are hold as the same.

Standard Consulting Process

Select your plan and pay-up the fee
Filling-up your information
Make and appointment for consulting
System will auto-generate a report with well Dynamic Ranking Algorithm *
Australian trained licensed consultant will consulting based on the report
Settle your major/university selection and lodge your application
Get your offer and initial the student visa process
Lodge and finalise your student visa application
Help the student settle down in a new envrionment

A Real Story of Success


UePath Makes a Difference
We Changed the Rule of Education Consulting

Recognised the failure of traditional education consulting model, our company come up with an evolutionary to deeply integrate the education business process to technology-oriented information system. Overall, we empower the students to make better decision and live a better life in long-term instead of selling decisions as traditional agents for short-term profit.

Beauty of Technology
Education Consulting with Big Data

The most challenging part for human-intensive consulting is correctly understanding all professional academic development tendency across all subejects. With the data-mining approach, we developed an algorithm to auto-generate a report based on the student profile. Beyond the level of coding, it is coorpatively developed by researchers from different specialisation.

Our Qualifications

Agent License - Yujie ZHOU
UePath consultants are finished professional training supported by AEI and DIBP.
Agent License - Luli LIU
UePath consultants are finished professional training supported by AEI and DIBP.
ACN License
UePath is an Australian company based in Sydney. We are following the Australian legal requirements.

UePath Global
We are the professionals.
Based in Sydney, NSW

Objective Decision

All recommandations are objectively made by algorithms based on facts not subjective feelings.

Cost Effective

To achieve a competitive price, we eliminated wastes from the tranditional business model with modern IT system.

Making Friends

We are targeting to solving issues as a community. You can easily make friends here with higher trust.

Sustainable Mentoring

Our local office offers complementary one-stop service to help students better fitting into the local environment.